Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our Egg-cellent Daddy!

Our Daddy is the best!  He found a grand idea of how we could decorate eggs for Easter.  He was so EGG-cited, he called Mommy while she was at the grocery store to make sure we had the right supplies to make it HOP-pen!  He did confuse her for a moment when he told her to pick up blue dye.  She thought she was supposed to buy Rit dye until she realized it was for eggs.  She turned the cart around and headed to the food coloring instead.  Mommy says it's been years since we dyed eggs in our house.  Hunter is trying his best to remember if it's ever happened in his time.  He thinks so but not since he lived in Minnesota.

As soon as Daddy started explaining the process to Mommy over the phone, she knew he wanted to create ombre eggs: eggs of various colors ranging from very light to very dark and every shade in between.  Daddy had no idea what Mommy was talking about, but she did!  Daddy's EGG-cellent plan was actually quite simple and can be found here.  It only took about twenty minutes to dye the eggs (minus the forever time it took to boil the water in the pot large enough to hold twenty eggs!!).  The inspiration picture contained eighteen eggs, but Mommy thought it might be a good idea to boil a couple extra just in case . . . she was EGGS-actly right!  Two poor eggs couldn't handle the pressure and cracked up!

The results lived up to our EGGS-pectations:

The real question was how to display them to achieve maximum impact . . . Mommy was starting to think she was going to have to display them in the carton, but cardboard on the table wasn't quite the look she was going for.  Having heard about Daddy's idea, Mimi saved the day by sending Mommy the picture below.

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

A clear "vase" was EGGS-actly the right route to go!  Our parents tried several containers but they were all too big!  (There's over twenty-five eggs in the picture above and that's just in the half we can see!)   So, we dug deeper into the decor storage and on further EGGS-amination found two glass cylinders.  Mommy knows you should always display items in odd numbered amounts, but she broke the third cylinder several years ago and hasn't been able to find the perfect replacement.  So two will have to do.  It's probably a good thing . . . otherwise we'd have to dye EGGS-tra eggs!

We are thrilled with our efforts and love the way the eggs turned out.  Daddy is pretty pleased with himself and just keeps saying, "You're welcome" any time Mommy comments on how great the eggs look.  He's right.  It was an EGG-cellent idea!

Hopefully the Easter Bunny will agree and leave some EGG-cellent treats in our baskets!
Hunter, Dixie, & Jenna

PS: You know we've CRACKED you up!  You're probably thinking this is crazy, but we knew you could take a YOLK!  On that note, we'll make our EGGS-it!  We're EGGS-hausted from all of our puns!

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