Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ringing in the New Year!

That's me living it up in the snow!  Yippee!
Happy New Year!  We haven't barked at you all year!  (Sorry, that's one of Daddy's corny jokes.)  We are ready to start the new year off right.  We will have our black eyed peas and greens thanks to one of the grocery stores of the South and Mommy's forward thinking!  While in the South, she sent Daddy to the store to load up on traditional New Year's goodies; he bought so much that we had to freeze some for later.  Upon our return to the frigid North, we found a coating of about an inch or two of snow!  Yippee!!  We LOVE snow!!!! 

We hope you had a terrific Christmas.  We had a great time and received almost everything on our list except the one item we needed most: a third arm for Mommy!  I wonder why Santa Paws didn't bring that?  I guess we can survive without it.  Mommy practiced being fair to all of us today.  I took one arm, Jenna took the second one, and Dixie stood in the middle and claimed her face.  Thankfully for Mommy, Dixie isn't as much of a licker as Jenna is, and so Dixie just sat quietly as Mommy whispered in her ear. 

Mommy and Daddy had a good Christmas with Poppa, Grandma Jane, and the rest of her family.  However, they spent much of the time sick with a nasty cold that they apparently spread to Grandma Jane.  Hopefully, no one else in the family will pick it up. 

Speaking of picking things up . . . Mommy and Daddy saved one of our treats for today.  They gave us each a deer antler to gnaw on.  Dixie and I loved our antlers last year and worked on them quite a bit on the first day.  We haven't chowed down as much this year on them, but that could be due to one tiny problem: DIXIE!  At one point she had all three antlers in her mouth and was trying to make an escape to the great outdoors with them!  Mommy finally snatched them back and spread them around again.  Thank goodness for Mommy!

Happy New Year!
Wags and wishes for a great 2013!  

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