Thursday, January 24, 2013

No Girly Girl Here!

We have recently discovered something unusual about Jenna.  Santa and Aunt Kelly both brought us lots of tennis balls.  The tennis balls the girls received from Santa were pink!  I thought the pink ones were kind of cool, but apparently Jenna doesn't.  She doesn't like to retrieve the pink ones.  Seriously!  Mommy will throw it, Jenna will chase after it, and then Jenna notices its color when it lands.  She just sniffs it and looks at Mommy as if to say, "Do I have to?"  She will eventually pick it up, but only to carry it as far as the nearest green tennis ball.  At that point, she drops the pink ball and picks up the green one.  I know this sounds crazy since we are color blind, but it's TRUE! 

Jenna also doesn't like to be dried off after being out in the rain.  Dixie and I run in and wait patiently for Mommy to throw the towel over us.  We don't mind the process one bit.  Jenna prefers to air dry and go au naturale.  It's not that she fights the towel, but she doesn't long for it either.  How can you not a want to be dried off by Mommy?  I personally prefer the towel dry method before shaking off.  Jenna doesn't know what she's missing.

Jenna is also quite forceful about getting her way.  Mommy was looking at some older pictures this past weekend and noticed something she had forgotten.  When Jenna first came to live with us Dixie would take up her usual spot on the sofa with Mommy; Jenna tried to squeeze in where she could.  The "cushions" have changed in the last nine months!  Jenna now makes herself quite at home on the sofa with Mommy.  Poor Dixie doesn't stand a chance.  Dixie could jump up and join them, but she's a bit chicken around Jenna sometimes.  Jenna is quite the assertive little lady!

When Mommy arrives home in the afternoon and lets Jenna out of her crate, Jenna likes to bring out one of her toys or bones so Dixie doesn't grab it.  One afternoon this week when Mommy was letting Jenna out of her crate, Jenna was in a hurry to hop out but she had to have a toy too!  She ended up getting her paw caught in the frame of the crate.  She whined and whined, but managed to pull her own paw out before Mommy even realized what had happened.  Poor Mommy.  She thought she had "broken" (Daddy's words) another dog!  Nope, not Jenna.  She just shook it off and kept going!

I know my parents brought a sister home to us last March, but Jenna's no girly girl!  I'd better watch out, or she might try to take my place!


PS: Jenna's breeder told us Jenna was dominant; she wasn't kidding!  Jenna even marked her territory while hunting in the field with Daddy last weekend!  I thought only boys did that!

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