Saturday, January 19, 2013

That Dawg Can Hunt!

I had quite an experience today.  I went on my first bird hunt!  I know some of you think this should have happened LONG before now, but Daddy says he does have to work for a living!  Daddy wasn't actually hunting today.  His sole purpose was to keep his eye on me and help me learn the process.  I stayed on a check cord a good bit of the time just in case I decided to let loose and go nuts!  Have no fear, I didn't!  I was a GREAT dawg today!  I even learned a new phrase, "Find the bird!"  Daddy says if it wasn't for that check cord I might still be chasing some of those pheasants that got away!  (I got a little bit excited!)
There was a really large hunt going on at the club today.  We tried to stay out of the main action since I was a rookie.  I was able to observe the hunters and other dogs from our position.  I smelled and sniffed the first bird that was shot in our area, but I wasn't sure what to do with it.  While I was contemplating my next move, another dog came in, snatched it up and gave it to a man.  Daddy told me that was what I was supposed to do.  When I had my second chance, I was in for a big surprise; the bird I found was injured but not dead!  It jumped up and tried to get away.  That bird wasn't going to get away from me.  I wanted to make my daddy proud.  My instincts kicked in and I caught it! Daddy was pleased with my persistence, but he was left re-thinking the check cord idea after a little rope burn on his hands!  He says it's a small price to pay for a good gun dawg. 

By design we were in a lower action area, but it became REALLY slow at times.  This made me antsy to get into the field; I was sure there were birds out there and that's where I wanted to be!  Once the hunt was over, Bullet (a fellow black lab) and I were awarded clean-up duty which meant going to find more dead birds in the brush.  This was when I had the most fun!  There were quite a few birds the hunters didn't shoot, and I found every one within smelling distance. I flushed them up and had a blast trying to catch them.  Daddy was impressed with how I could blaze through tall brush and come out with dead birds that the other dogs didn't find.  He says I have a good nose; I'm pretty sure that's a compliment.  

Daddy was so proud of me.  He and the other guides were impressed with how close I hunted. I never wandered too far away.  Daddy said I was one of the most well-behaved dogs present.  He told some of the hunters about how I wasn't quite cut out for Canine Partners for Life due to my excitability, and they couldn't believe it.  Everyone loved me.  There was even a young boy who couldn't keep his paws off me when I was around.  It was a terrific day, but I am exhausted!  I should sleep well tonight . . .  [sigh]

Wags and Feathers . . . in my Mouth!

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