Friday, September 1, 2017

Ruger's Randoms

I thought you might like to know a few random facts about me . . .

I'm about to be too big to sleep on Mommy's lap!  When I first came here to live almost three months ago I used to crash in her lap every night.  I'd run around like crazy and then let her know I was ready to rest when I crawled in her lap.  I'm getting too big to fit now!  Mommy is so sad about this.

I like to watch TV.  I don't have a current favorite,  but Daddy says I'm going to love football season!

I don't seem to be afraid of anything.  My big sister Jenna is only afraid of the vacuum cleaner.  I'm not even afraid of that!  And I love it when Mommy sweeps!  It's so much fun to chase the broom!

I like it when Mommy wears skirts.  At first she thought it was just her long maxi skirts I had a fondness for . . . nope, I like ALL of them!  The way they swish and sway catch my attention and I love to grab hold!

I love to chew on cardboard boxes!  When Daddy has an empty Coke box, he passes it on to me for a few days.  I don't eat the cardboard.  I just tear it into small pieces and spread it all over the house.  Mommy's so thankful I can be entertained cheaply . . .

Also, I've been sleeping through the night since my second week home.  And I know where I'm supposed to potty and where I'm not!  Mommy's thrilled with me.  She says I might be the best dawg yet . . . but don't tell Dixie and Jenna!


PS: Happy belated birthday to Grandma and Cousin C yesterday!  Grandma turned the BIG 70!!!  That's pushing 500 in dawg years!!

PPS: Hunter passed away two years ago today . . . Mommy says I'm more and more like him every day!  That's a good thing, right???

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