Saturday, September 9, 2017

Fly Away, Fly Away, If You Can . . .

I recently found something new!  I caught a dragonfly!  It was sooooo much fun to chase around.  Mommy discovered my antics too late to save the poor dragonfly.  Those are her words, not mine.  That poor dragonfly should have known better than to keep flying near my jaws and paws, don't you think?

After I finally got my jaws on the dragonfly, I took it to my outdoor bed.  Mommy tried to rescue it before this, but she wasn't successful. Have you ever tried to chase a puppy?  I can't say the insect wasn't harmed during the process of taking these pictures, but I can tell you it was already out of its misery by now!

Mommy thought I was going to eat it, but every time I tried, the crunch seemed to turn me off.  Mommy finally took it away from me and gave it a proper burial.  (I think I saw her toss it over the fence!)

Until the next flying creature comes my way!

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