Sunday, November 20, 2016

Visitor Bearing Gifts

Last month one of our favorite humans was our first visitor in our new location: Aunt Holly!  She came for a long weekend and she and Mommy also took an overnight trip.  Aunt Holly packed a tight suitcase that weighed in perfectly (and at maximum weight) at fifty pounds!  A TON of that weight was stuff for Mommy!  We don't have a Trader Joe's anywhere around us and Mommy had requested their sunflower butter.  It's the best and cheapest of all the sunflower butter Mommy has tried (due to her peanut allergy).  Aunt Holly graciously brought six jars as well as gluten free pumpkin pancake mix, pumpkin butter, pumpkin chocolate salted caramels, and more.  Mommy was in pumpkin heaven!

The two of them left us at home and visited the windmill museum where they ran into a volunteer who gave them a personal tour of the museum.  They learned so much about windmills.  Mommy seems to have developed a passion for windmills over the past six months (yes, she's strange).  They also ran into a couple from Daddy's hometown whose son had gone to school with Daddy!  Mommy says it really is a small world . . . well, until she thinks of another place to visit and then the airfare tells her otherwise!

Mommy and Aunt Holly scoped out the local prairie dogs as well.  Can you spot one in the background?

They also tried out a favorite local BBQ place Mommy hadn't tried yet.  Results were mixed.  Mommy wanted to take Aunt Holly to another joint on Monday, but as is always the case when you're looking forward to something, they were closed on Mondays!

The two of them traveled to Roswell, New Mexico to check out the alien lifeforms.  I think they spotted a close relative of theirs . . . it's a good thing we're adopted!

Apparently the cheese is so thick in this museum, you can make the world's best nachos!

Mommy also has a thing for funny signs.  She loves to take pictures of the ones that make an unusual statement.  And as a teacher, she wholeheartedly agrees with this one!

For some reason which neither can explain,  Mommy and Aunt Holly have to take a picture everywhere they go with Mommy in a funny hat.  Daddy thought they should have packed their own tin foil to make a homemade hat with which to communicate with their relatives, but Mommy forgot!  Drat!  Maybe next time . . .

Here's another sign found at a rest stop.  Do you know anyone who has time to wait five minutes at a rest stop???   Inquiring minds . . . 

The highlight of the weekend trip was Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.  Mommy says the caverns were Ahhhh-mazing, but it takes an HOUR just to walk down into them!!!  And then several more hours can be spent underground.  This first picture was taken before they began their descent into the natural entrance (an elevator is an option as well).  This was also before the knees and hips started aching! 

It was so much fun to have my buddy around.  I can usually be counted on to snuggle up to Mommy, but not when Aunt Holly is here.  I leave Mommy high and dry.  Aunt Holly loves on me like no one else!  She also makes Jenna jealous, so that's just icing on the cake!

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long before our next visitors arrive . . .

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