Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mommy's Little Helper

I'm such a good girl (at least 99.9999% of the time).  You already knew that from reading our blog didn't you?  I bet you didn't know that I like to help Mommy clean house!  More specifically, I clean the shower in the master bathroom.

The best time to clean the shower is right after someone has finished using the shower.  The leftover water helps with the scrubbing, so there's no need to waste more water during the process.  My rough tongue has special scrubbing abilities that removes the need to add harsh chemicals.

I have two human cousins who also like to clean.  At least that's what Mimi and Aunt C tell me.  My cousins appear to be smiling in the pictures I've seen.  They don't seem to be under any duress when the pictures were taken.  They clean windows, dust, and vacuum.  Perhaps we should join forces to start our own business?  However they need to know upfront that I don't do windows . . . except car windows.  I'm happy to help out with car windows!

Let me know if you need my services.  I'm dawg-gone cheap.

Shower Cleaner for Hire!

PS: Happy 46th Anniversary to Grandma and Poppa!  Yeehaw!

PPS: If you haven't been to vote yet, don't forget to go out and choose your favorite NUT this year!!!

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