Saturday, November 12, 2016

Five O'Clock

Have you heard the Alan Jackson song "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere"?  It's several years old, but I sing it all day every day when Mommy is around. In fact, you could say it's my theme song!  Before you start thinking badly of me, please know, I'm not singing this song in the hopes of having a drink.  I have a water bowl available to me 24/7.  I'm singing this song and hoping Mommy will notice me and FEED ME!

I might not be the best at telling time to the exact minute, but I can definitely tell when it's meal time. I start stalking Mommy through the house at about 4:30 every day.  Sometimes I'm a little bit early, sometimes a little bit late, but I KNOW when it's almost five!  I do not give up.  I put my head on her lap, I try to engage her in a staring competition, and I start saying silent prayers that she will notice the time!

Sometimes she gives in and feeds me and Dixie early.  Other times she acts as if she doesn't know what time it is!  Really, Mommy?  I know you can tell perfect time.  What harm does it do to go ahead and give in to my poor pitiful look?

After all, "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere!"

Pretty please,

PS: Daddy wants it known that when he's in charge, HE chooses the feeding time.  He is not swayed by poor pitiful looks.  We don't have him fully trained yet like we do Mommy, but we're working on it.  Mommy just needs to take a nice long vacation . . . .

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