Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It's Ba-aaack!

It was bound to happen in the new house.  I can't believe it took so long.  Since I joined the family years ago, Mommy has been forced to put a bungee cord on the dog food container and well, it's back!

In the old house, the food stayed in an aluminum trash can in the laundry room.  The food is in that same trash can, but it fits into our pantry here.  The laundry room door didn't always stay closed at the old house since it was also a pass thru to the garage.  The pantry door is almost always closed here, so Mommy thought the food was safe . . .

Daddy will tell you the problem is Mommy.  She has a tendency to leave doors open when she's cooking.  The cabinets doors are always getting in his way when he walks through.  Mommy figures why close a door when she'll have to open it again in a few seconds to return the item?

I know how to sniff out yumminess everywhere.

So now that I know where the food stays and Mommy leaves the door to the pantry open as she goes in and out, the bungee cord is back!  It holds the lid in place so I can't nose it off!  (I'm super smart that way, or super desperate for food.)

Oh well, at least I'm eating a food now that won't kill me!  I can always hope Mommy will let her guard down for a second when she's dishing up our food and I can take a nose dive into the can.  It's been known to happen!


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