Thursday, November 12, 2015

Vet Visit

Recently we had to take a trip to the vet.  There were two items on the agenda: nail clipping and anal sac express.  Does that sound like a fun visit?  I think NOT!  Mommy took both of us at the same time and it turned into a FUN FILLED ADVENTURE!  Well, not all of it was fun, but when my sister was having her bum taken care of, it was fun!

Jenna went first.  Usually the vet techs do everything in the examining room with Mommy present, but this time the nice lady noticed we were a bit energetic.  In our defense, Mommy had only been home for fifteen minutes before we had to load up the car and go to the vet.  The tech decided to take us into the back room so we wouldn't be as distracted by each other.  I'm not sure her plan worked . . .

I pretended I worked behind the desk.  It was so much fun!  I also tried to convince Mommy we needed to leave Jenna behind and high tail it out of there! (pun intended)

When I was dragged into the back so the vet tech could violate me, Jenna played her own games . . .

I think overall Jenna was more patient than I was while waiting for us to be finished with the dirty deed.  Of course that was only after we were in the examining room.  While waiting in the lobby, the receptionist said she thought Jenna was the reincarnation of Hunter . . . Jenna surprised us by uncharacteristically barking A LOT!  Hunter was known for the LOUD greetings he brought with him every time he arrived!

Hopefully we won't have do that again any time soon.  Rumor has it we go back in a month for more work on our backsides!!  The good news is we always come out smelling like raspberries!  Yum!

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