Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hank Update

Some of you have been wondering how our cousin Hank is doing.  Have no fear, he's still as cute as ever!  [jealous sigh]  On his most recent trip to the vet he weighed a little over twenty-eight pounds.  I think most of those pounds are in his big eyes and ears, don't you?

Yes, he's cute, but let me tell you what that stinker did (pun intended).  Grandaddy and Mimi thought a certain dawggie smell was coming from Hank.  Mommy says she knows that smell well, but I have no idea what she's talking about.  So, Grandaddy gave Hank a bath and Mimi washed the bedding.  While the bed cover was still drying, Hank returned to his domain in the garage.  When my grandparents checked on Hank the next time, they had a surprise waiting on them  . . .

Hank's bed had been left on top of his travel porter and Hank wasn't locked in his crate.  Naturally I have to take Hank's side in this situation (even if he is potentially borderline cuter than me).  What's a boy to do?  HAVE FUN!!! 

You'll be happy to know Hank survived the bedding incident and has even been hunting.  Grandaddy reports Hank points and retrieves pretty well for a dawg only three and a half months old!  I'm sure he will only improve with age.  [another jealous sigh]

Good job, Hank!

PS: Happy Birthday, Grandaddy!  Hopefully Hank won't chew up your presents . . .

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