Friday, September 4, 2015

To Hunter with Much Love

My dear sweet Hunter,

You've been my pal for the past thirteen years.  You came into our lives on my 29th birthday.  We were so happy to add you to our family.  We had only been in Minnesota for a month and I needed a friend.  You became my sidekick, my buddy, my confidante, my friend, my heartbeat at my feet.  We spent so many summers together walking, swimming, loving on each other.

You and Daddy had quite a few moments that first year.  You were so stubborn and refused to listen some days.  I'm sure the neighbors saw the two of you wrestling in the front yard for dominance!  Apparently it worked because even to the last day if you heard one of us give a command to you or to your sisters, you were quick to respond!  You taught Daddy that dawgs can have a complex personality and weren't just meant to do a job.

We will remember so many aspects of your personality: your love of ice and peanut butter, snuggling between me and Daddy for your place in the bed, your blanket obsession, pretending you have a need to potty when you really just want to play in the snow, your strange love of consuming paper products, your love of playing in the water, your acceptance of not one but two sisters, your willingness to constantly pose for pictures!

I'm so sorry we didn't have that one special last day that I'd been thinking about and planning for the last year.  Despite the fact that you were sick and had been for a while, the end came way too suddenly for me.  Thirteen years wasn't nearly enough.

You were not just our dawg, or even our pet.  We called you Son.  Although we haven't been blessed with the human variety of children, we've been blessed to have three canine versions.  You were our first and oldest.  You were with us during so many difficult as well as wonderful times in our lives.

You were so, so precious to our family.  Daddy and I will miss you terribly.  

I was so blessed to be your Mommy.

Find a pond in heaven and we'll meet you there . . . 
We love you, Buddy.

J's Chocolate Hunter
May 14, 2002
September 1, 2015 

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Julie. Hunter was blessed to have you and your husband as his family. Have no doubt that all dogs DO go to heaven. Sending love and prayers, my friend.


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