Sunday, September 6, 2015

NASTY! Nasty Girl!

EDITORIAL NOTE:  Although Hunter has passed on to Glory, you will continue to see a few posts where he is featured . . . don't let them upset you.  Enjoy them!  Although maybe not this particular one . . .  this post is published under serious protest from Daddy who doesn't want you to know the horrible disgusting truth about his girl Jenna!


If you've eaten recently or you're thinking about eating soon (like sometime in the next week), then STOP reading this post.  This just might be the MOST DISGUSTING story we've ever told you.  Seriously!  Mommy really didn't want me to reveal this dirty little secret, but it hasn't gone away.

Occasionally, poor Hunter has trouble keeping his food down.  He eats his food at his normal steady pace, but as soon as he's cleaned his bowl he starts making sounds that let us know it's all about to come back up.  (Yes, that's gross, but unfortunately it's NOT the worst part of this story!)  When he starts making these noises, Mommy does her best to massage his throat in an effort to help Hunter keep his food down.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it  doesn't.  When it doesn't work, she is forced to open the back door and let him out to throw it up.  (Nope, still not the grossest part of this story!)

Are you sure you're ready for the worst part?  Can you keep your own lunch down?  Take a deep breath . . . here it is . . .

The really DISGUSTING and GROSS part of this story is that Jenna EATS what Hunter throws up!!!!

YUCK!!!  GAG!!!  UGH!!!! 

Jenna has learned to recognize the sounds and will stalk Hunter around the house and around the yard.  If Mommy successfully pushes Hunter out the door and keeps Jenna inside, Jenna will watch him through the windows.  She even starts whining to be let out.  She will run from window to window and door to door trying to keep tabs on where the pile lands so she can enjoy it once she's released.  [shudder]

Our parents try to keep Jenna inside for a long while after so she won't go for it.  Sometimes Jenna finds the pile and sometimes she doesn't.  She should really think about this nasty habit of hers.  She won't be able to keep her supermodel figure for long if she keeps eating her meal and Hunter's recycled meal too!

Are you still reading this?  I'm really sorry I had to GROSS you out!  It's hard to believe but oh so true.  I've tried to tell you my sister is one nasty dawg.  Maybe now you'll believe me!?!?!

Dixie (The Pristine and Perfect One)

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