Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meet Hank!

No, we haven't added to our crew.  We are still a LONG time away from becoming the Fab Five again.  We are settling for being the Fantastic Four right now.   Instead, Grandaddy and Mimi have added a dawg to their family.  It's a been a while since they've had a puppy around, so it's been a BIG change for them both (think sleepless nights and chewed up plants).

We'd like you to meet Hank!  Hank, a Munsterlander,  is a fairly rare breed of dawg in the United States.  He joined the family on Labor Day weekend.  Grandaddy cannot wait until Hank is fully trained and ready to accompany him on bird hunts!

Mommy says she could just eat him up!  She and Aunt C are both in love with a four legged creature.  How can that be?  Shame on you, Mommy!  Am I not enough for you??  Aunt C, you should be ashamed of yourself too.  You have Lucy and we know she used to be the apple of your eye . . . well, until those human cousins of ours arrived.  At least Aunt C has actually met Hank.  Mommy, there's NO excuse for you!

Hank loves to follow Grandaddy around, but sometimes Hank is forced to stay behind . . .  Get used to it buddy!  That is the life of a DAWG!  Lord knows we've blogged plenty of times about being left behind and not included in any of the fun!  [sigh]

But seriously, Mommy, we need to have a talk!  You used to think I was the best thing since sliced bread and now  . . . do you need a reminder of my puppy cuteness??  Let's go all the way back to Father's Day of 2011.  How can you forget how adorable I was when you brought me home?

We didn't have Jenna as a puppy, but she was beautiful too on the day you brought her home . . . in her own way, of course.  Not the ravishingly beautiful Dixie sort of way, but the "I come from good stock, handsome" sort of way.  (After all, she is my sister!)

Please don't get me wrong.  I am THRILLED Grandaddy and Mimi have added to the family.  Jenna and I welcome Hank with open paws (and perhaps jaws).  Maybe  Hank will come with our grandparents the next time they visit.  But seriously . . . what's all the fuss about???  He's just a DAWG!

Just a bit jealous,

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