Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Negative Consequences?

I don't mean to focus on Jenna's bad habits or the illusion of her expanding backside, but . . . (pun might be intended) . . .

Recently Mommy was cutting up a stalk of celery to take to work as her snack.  She turned her back for just a second and heard a terribly loud CRUNCH!  You already know what happened.  Jenna had helped herself to the celery.  Lucky for us, it was a huge stalk.  It broke when Jenna chomped down on it giving us a chance to enjoy it too.  All three of us had a last minute snack that morning before Mommy left for work.

This was a new taste for us.  Mommy was surprised Hunter ate the celery too.  He used to be rather picky, but apparently his taste buds have changed as he's grown older.  Either that, or he's afraid of being left out!  Once again, Mommy immediately starting googling celery to make sure it's an okay treat for us.  Thankfully it is.  Whew!

When Daddy heard about Jenna's escapades, he pointed out that perhaps she too was concerned about the appearance of her backside.  He calls celery a negative calorie food and says it might be good for us to snack on.  Technically, celery does have calories, but not many!  Only time will tell if we're going to have a chance to enjoy this treat again.  For now, we might just have to stalk it up to a mischievous accident!  (Did you catch that one?)

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