Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gone to the Dawgs

Our house has finally gone to the dawgs!  Well, if we're honest, it headed that way a LONG time ago!   Some of Mommy's friends and family make fun of her frequent house cleaning habits, but she has let the housekeeping slide over the past few years.  With the addition of each of us, she falls a little farther behind.  There are frequently black tumbleweeds in the kitchen from our shedding.  Seriously!  This is not an exaggeration!  (If you should ever receive any food from us that has a black hair in it, just remember it's the thought that counts and it was made with love!)

With the Christmas season in full swing, Mommy has noticed we have quite a few decorations that revolve around us four-legged family members.  There are several ornaments on the tree that honor us.

The paw print ornaments were made by Mommy last year.  This is Hunter's.

A s'mores dawggie

A new addition this year: a peppermint bone.

An ornament for the girls; there's a chocolate version for Hunter too!

This ornament gives new meaning to reduce, reuse, and recycle; 
it's made from a computer's motherboard.

The wreath that hangs on the kitchen door has dawg themed cookie cutters all over it.
Mommy really likes this wreath, but wishes she'd made the bow bigger.

We have a new addition to the wreaths in the house this year.  Mommy scored this wreath at TJMaxx and was thrilled to find it.  She saw it in a magazine a couple years ago, but it was terribly expensive.  She brought it home, took the ugly bow off, and replaced it with a plaid ribbon picked out by Daddy just for this purpose.  We think he made a great choice.  This wreath is hanging on the master bedroom door this year.

We also have a tree in the master bedroom that is made by the same company.  Mommy is considering making a small bow for the top of this tree, but she can't decide.  What do you think?

The best part of going to the dawgs is that even our friends know that we've crossed over.  These delicious treats arrived last week.  Our adopted Aunt Gwen sent them to Mommy because she knows how dawg crazy Mommy is!  So far, Mommy hasn't shared any of the peppermint bark with us.  Surely if we give Aunt Gwen a "bark out" she'll tell Mommy to hand over the treats . . .

Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care in hopes that 
Santa Paws will leave something fabulous in there!

We hope you have all of your decorations in place as you too wait for Santa!
Hunter, Dixie & Jenna

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