Sunday, December 21, 2014

Barkin' Up a Storm!

I've been barkin' up a storm here at the dawg house, and Mommy's been bakin' up a storm.  Actually, she's only made two items this year.  She's not really big on baking.  She loves and appreciates beautiful Christmas cookies, but there is no way she is going to take on the task of trying to make them herself!  (Instead, she just waits for students to give them to her!)

She did made her special fudge last week for Daddy's co-workers.  That was quite a yummy undertaking, but as usual we weren't allowed to share in the fruits of her labor.  I personally think we ought to make a new rule that states nothing can be prepared in the kitchen unless the dawgs can eat it.  Don't you think it's a reasonable expectation that everyone who lives in the house should be able to eat???

The other treats Mommy made were DAWG TREATS!!!!!  Mommy usually orders a kit for dawg treats from her school when they sell pizza kits, but there wasn't a dawg version offered this year.  Mommy was super disappointed (not nearly as much as my belly, I can assure you).  She usually makes treats for the other canine members of the family and for a few friends.  Cousin Lucy, I'm sorry you miss out on this goodness each year.  Since our Mommy shops early and then ships gifts early, you always miss out on the best part of Christmas.

This year's treats were all natural, made from scratch!  Mommy followed a recipe she found on Pinterest.  The picture on the website shows cute little dawg bone shaped treats.  The directions for the recipe stated the dough would be very tough to handle.  Mommy went as far as pulling out the dawg related cookie cutters and the rolling pin and actually attempting to roll out the dough . . .

 . . . but then she decided that process was for the birds!  After all, we're DAWGS!  We don't care what shape the treats are in!  JUST FEED US!!!

The recipe is called Peanut Butter Bacon Treats.  Being the great Mommy she is, we have another ingredient added to our treats: CHEESE!!!  We have all of our favorites in one delicious bite: peanut butter, bacon, and cheese!  That's bacon in the mini food processor.  Yummmmm!

I'm sure you 'll never guess who was loving this entire process.  Of course you'll never guess because you don't need to!  We all know it's JENNA!

Dixie had a good time too . . .

 . . . but it was Jenna who somehow managed to insert herself a little more into the process.

I know Jenna told you recently she has a few gray hairs, but that's not what's on her head in this picture!  (Nor is it her halo!!)  Somehow she managed to end up with flour on the back of  her head.  Mommy truly was as surprised as the rest of us.  She has no idea when this happened, but Jenna stayed underfoot the entire time.  She licked the stove, the dishwasher, and then sat around drooling the rest of the time.  

Finally at the end of the evening, we were allowed to taste test the treats.  We give them five paws up!  They were yummy.  Mommy agreed.  Yep, she tasted them herself.  After all, they were totally natural and straight from her kitchen, so why not?

I think you'll agree if you're lucky enough to taste one.  Again, Lucy, we're sorry you're missing out.  Better luck next year.  


These pictures were taken on Mommy's phone with sticky hands, so please excuse the poor quality!

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