Friday, December 5, 2014

Looks Can Be Deceiving . . .

While trying to capture that perfect photo of me for Thanksgiving (and I still don't think she was successful), Mommy took this picture:

Daddy took notice of how skinny my body looks from this angle.  We decided I look like a wiener dawg with a long body and a REALLY BIG head.  Daddy already calls me TWD (Third World Dawg) sometimes because of how skinny I am.  I topped out several years ago at 101 pounds.  When I had my first ACL surgery, I dropped down to 85 pounds and have kept off the extra weight for years.  Over the last couple of years, I've gotten down to about 75 pounds.  Mommy tries to keep all of us slim and trim so we aren't carrying around extra weight on our bones.  She is especially aware of my weight since I'm old and have enough trouble moving around some days as it is.  But, jeez Mommy, that doesn't mean I have to look sickly!

Here's what I actually look like:

That's much better, don't you think?

PS: If Mommy could develop a camera to make humans look this skinny, she could make a fortune don't you think?

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