Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wanna Walk?

We've had a stretch of non-rainy days this week and we are thrilled that Mommy has finally been able to take us for walks.  We have such a huge yard, that we don't actually leash walk a good portion of the year. However when school is out, we can finally get around to visiting the neighbors . . . or at least their yards!  It's been a while since we've been on a leash for anything except doctor visits.  Mommy was so sick with her thyroid last year that she was banned from any form of exercise.  As a result, it's time for a slim down this summer!  (I think she's hoping that putting those words down in writing will make it magically happen!  Crossing our paws.)

Mommy took Dixie out on Monday and as they walked, she decided on a schedule for us: Dixie will walk Mondays and Thursdays; Jenna will walk Tuesdays and Fridays; I will walk on Wednesdays to give Mommy a slower pace one day a week.  Daddy said Mommy should leave me home and take Dixie Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and give Jenna the other two days.  His plan did not include a day for me.  He already thinks I look like a Third World Dawg since I don't eat as much as I used to!  He says Dixie needs it more.  I don't know why Daddy thinks Dixie is chunky.  She and Jenna actually weigh within a pound or two of each other.  I personally think they're just built differently.

After having gone over a year without true leash walking, the girls surprised Mommy with their cooperation.  Dixie did a great job walking on Monday.  She only barked at one family and although tempted, did not run after a squirrel on the path.  Jenna dug deep into her memory and pulled out all of her training that came before her arrival here.  She rarely left Mommy's side during the entire walk.  Except for that cute little blue paper plate with white stars all over it found in the edge of the woods.  (Who leaves a party plate there?)  Jenna did think the plate was quite yummy, but Mommy was successful in keeping Jenna from eating most of it!

Then it was my turn.  I was super excited to be able to join Mommy.  We started out at a decent pace except for those million times when I felt the need to mark my territory all over the neighborhood.  I remembered our walk very well, but I just couldn't make it the whole way.  [sigh]  Mommy definitely slowed down the pace for me, but it didn't help.  She decided to cut our walk short.  (I think she was having nightmares of having to carry my eighty pounds back to the house by herself!)  She kindly took several rest stops for me on the way back to the house.  I'm not sure if she broke a sweat, but I sure did!

I was so happy to be home when we finally returned.  Mommy turned the hose on me to help cool me down.  I'm embarrassed to say all of this took place before 8AM, so it wasn't even that hot yet.  She finally propped the hose in one of the planters and I settled down in front of it.  Have no fear, I didn't actually drink that much water.  She and I both know better than to let me gorge on water when I'm super hot which could result in serious tummy troubles.

I guess we'll have to go with Daddy's walking plan after all.  Or maybe Mommy will just take me for a spin around the block every so often?  We'll see what the new week brings.

Growing old is ruff!

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