Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Thank You to Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Thank you sooooooo much for sacrificing your sleep last night for me!  The storm we had was REALLY LOUD and it made me very nervous.  I know I had my thunder shirt on, but it was still very scary for me.  The lightning was so bright, I could see the frustration in your eyes.  I'm sure you could see the panic in mine.

Yes, you wanted to scream when Mommy got up and helped me into your bed.  And yes, you wanted to scream when I couldn't get comfy on the bed and just kept standing there in the middle panting and panting.  And yes, when I finally decided to lie down, it was practically on top of you.  But did you scream at me?  No, you did not!  Because you're the best Daddy in the world!

Instead, you grabbed your pillow and headed to your favorite spot in the house, the leather sofa, where you settled in for the rest of the night.  Mommy and I are super grateful that you didn't make a fuss about it even though you had to go to work the next day.  I was finally able to stretch out and be comfy with Mommy's arms wrapped tightly around me.  I felt safe and secure for the rest of the night.  [sigh]

Thanks, Daddy, for being so understanding.  I know I'm not always easy to deal with in my old age.  I woof you!


PS: Mommy is super thankful she was finally able to sleep in until at least 7AM!  Maybe you and I should trade places more often?  I could sleep in the bed; you could take my place on the floor?  Or I have two dawg beds upstairs . . . just something to think about.  Sleeping in makes all the difference in the world when you're in a comfy bed, don't you think?

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