Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Big Brother

Do you have a big brother?  Poppa is a big brother and so is Daddy.  Big brothers look out for their little sisters.  Little sisters also try to help their big brothers (when they aren't being pesky).  Hunter is a GREAT big brother to me.  There are so many times when we help each other out.

They say you can't teach an old dawg new tricks.  That must be true.  Hunter has never really caught onto ringing the bell to go outside.  He might have hit it once or twice in my first year here, but it never became a habit.  Hunter prefers the "stare down" method or the "stand at the door until someone notices you" method.  I don't think either of these methods is very reliable which is why I ring the fool out of that bell every chance I get!  For the most part, Hunter's system seems to work for him.  Our parents are usually pretty quick to notice when he needs their help.  But on those rare times when he doesn't get their attention, I ring the bell for him.  Mommy or Daddy shows up to open the door, and I step back to allow Hunter to go out and do his business.  Am I sweet little sister or what?

When Jenna and I are in a tug of war over a toy, Hunter rushes to my aid barking his head off!  I do the same when he and Jenna are in a battle over a frisbee.  We try to distract Jenna until she lets go.  She usually never does, but that's besides the point.  And whenever Hunter chooses a shady resting spot, you can be guaranteed I will usually choose the spot right beside him.

As payment for all of my kindness, Hunter points out the best spots in the yard to roll around.  When Hunter sniffs out something yummy, he shows me the magic spot.  After he takes a nose dive into the spot, I get my chance.

When I'm stuck outside by myself, Hunter lets my parents know when I want to come inside.  I don't go crazy like Hunter (barking his head off) and Jenna (jumping five feet in the air) to get my parents' attention. Instead, Hunter barks once to let them know their attention is needed at the door.  Hunter also rewards my sisterly kindness by leaving me a few morsels in his food bowl.  He eats as much as he wants and then steps back to let me enjoy the last few bites.  I enjoy cleaning out his bowl when he's finished.  It just shows how much Hunter loves me!

Having a big brother is the best thing ever!

PS: I've been told by Mommy that if I grab Hunter's medications out of his food bowl one more time, I'm dead meat!  Surely he wants me to be healthy too???  Wouldn't a big brother want that for his sister???

PS2: Happy FIFTEENTH Anniversary to Mommy and Daddy!  Woof!  Woof!  Woof!

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