Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wanna Drink?

I have a "new" water bowl!  Mommy keeps our water bowl in the kitchen as full as she possibly can, but it's a tough job with three of us in the house.  We each have our own unique drinking habits.  Jenna tends to head to the bowl as soon as she is released from her crate and right after she eats (dripping water ALL OVER THE PLACE).  Dixie just grabs and goes every so often.  There is really no rhyme or reason to her drinking.  I like to drink the entire bowl in one standing.

For some strange reason I've always preferred to do my drinking outside.  The water just tastes better outside.  Sometimes Mommy uses the hose to fill up our bowls (we have two outside) and sometimes she carries the bowl back and forth from the kitchen sink; either way, it's great!  The number one problem with my system is the winter.  At some point the bowls freeze over and stay that way for days or weeks at a time.  Another potential problem with drinking outside is that the birds like to use our bowls as bird baths.  I generally don't let that stop me from getting my fill!

We've had a decent amount of rain lately and so my newest water hole has been full!  Our outdoor dawg beds generally allow water to pass right through, but there are a few patches where water just collects in little puddles.  These puddles are perfect for drinking.  The best part about drinking from my bed?  Jenna and Dixie leave me alone, and I can drink all by myself!

A toast to me and my new bowl!

PS: I've just been informed that Mommy has ordered a special outdoor watering system for dawgs.  We'll let you know how it works when it arrives . . . .

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