Sunday, December 9, 2012

Say Cheese!

Mommy held our annual Christmas photo shoot today.  She said it went better than expected.  Of the three of us, Hunter was the least cooperative.  You would think he would have been the best since he's had the most experience with Mommy and her camera.  (Of course, maybe that's why he was so unwilling!!)  Jenna sat perfectly perfect as usual.  There was only one picture of the three of us from Mommy's solo attempt.  When Daddy arrived home he agreed to help out and was determined to get a perfect shot of the three of us.  We still don't have a great one, but don't tell Mommy that!  She might want to have another photo session.  We're crossing our paws, that won't happen!  Here are our best shots . . .


This is as good as it gets with the three of us!

Or do you like this one better?


Beautiful Me


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