Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not Ready for the Rocking Chair Yet

A couple weeks ago Mommy let all of us out to do our business in the morning as she usually does.  Hunter took about three steps outside and promptly turned around.  He hightailed it back inside and turned towards the laundry room.  The reason for his detour?  Frost on the deck!  He is definitely a Minnesota dog!  Poor Hunter hates walking on the slippery deck when it's frosted over.  He is willing to take his chances with the kitchen's ceramic tiles in order to avoid the deck!  Instead of going out to the yard via the deck, Mommy lets us out in the laundry room.  From there, Hunter only has to manage his way down three stairs.  It can still be tricky, but less wood to cover on the whole.  Since that cold morning, Hunter seems to know when it is cold enough to frost over and has been heading straight through the kitchen in the mornings to the back door.  How does he know?  Is Mommy letting him use the computer after Dixie and I have gone to bed?  Is he staying up late at night to watch TV?  Daddy says not to worry; Hunter knows because he feels it in his old bones. 

Hunter may be old some days, but he's still got it!  He has been having a blast lately playing with the frisbee in the afternoons.  He can't out run me and Jenna, but he does know his left from his right which is an advantage.  Hunter listens to Mommy call out which direction the toy is heading and he turns instantly in that direction to catch it before it lands.  He's so smart!  He has also been doing his best to keep up with us when Jenna and I chase each other around the yard.  I guess he's not ready for the rocking chair yet!

Hunter's much younger (and beautiful) sister,

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