Sunday, November 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Did you have a good Turkey Day?  Mommy and Daddy did.  They flew to Georgia for a Southern Thanksgiving.  Did we get to fly with them?  No!  Mommy tells me there were some yip-yip dogs in large "purses" at the airport.  Neither of us believes anyone should be allowed to take a dog on a plane and stuff it under a seat when she can't take me!  Perhaps she could just buy me a seat?  I would be happy to take the middle seat and spare Mommy and Daddy from that unlucky position.  Oh well.  I think the least they could have done was bring us some of the Thanksgiving leftovers.  Where is the cornbread dressing?  Mommy knows I LOVE bread!!!  Daddy is trying to convince her to make us some right now . . .

Speaking of flying, did you know you can't fly with grape jelly in your carry-on bag?  Daddy said HE knew; Mommy knows NOW!  Mommy wanted to take Mimi and Aunt Carol some of our homemade jelly, so she wrapped it in bubble wrap and stuck it in her carry-on for safe travel.  When the bag went through the x-ray machine, the TSA lady asked Daddy if he had jelly packed.  He was about to say of course not, when Mommy said yes!  Apparently despite the fact that all the radio stations had been discussing flying with pies and casseroles this past week, jelly is NOT allowed!  (Later, Daddy just kept asking Mommy if she knew what Napalm looked like.  Apparently she didn't.  She knows NOW that it looks like JELLY without the color!)  Mommy had two options: give up the jelly or turn around, check the carry on, and go all the way back through security again . . . Mommy gave up the jelly.   Mimi and Aunt Carol may never get a chance to enjoy it. 

We spent Thanksgiving at the kennel again.  I guess if we have to spend time away from home, it's a good place to go: radiant heated floors, indoor-outdoor runs, fields to run in.  Mommy said she felt guilty when she dropped us off because all of the other mommies had brought their dogs' beds.  Mommy doesn't like to bring big bulky items to the kennel because it's hard to clean them after.  We're lucky if we have a blanket to call our own while we are there!  The kennel offers "family" runs where multiple dogs can stay together.  They always want to know if Mommy wants that option since there are three of us, but thankfully Mommy says no.  She knows we might torture each other if left together in a small space for several days!  I know I would mind my own business, but Jenna would be all over us and Dixie would be stressed out as a result!  Instead, we stay side-by-side and get to play with each other during the day. 

On the way home from the kennel, we all rode in the back seat of the truck.  I like to stand in the middle and show my parents the love.  (I tend to pant and drool quite a bit on the console.)  Dixie and Jenna like to sit on either side of me and watch the world go by.  Dixie apparently wanted to get a closer look because she decided to put the window down!  All of a sudden Mommy felt a breeze whipping through the truck and screamed for Daddy to roll Dixie's window up.  It was a tiny bit stressful there for a moment, but no dawgs were injured on the ride home. 

We are happy to be home.  Usually we put our Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but since it came so early this year Mommy has decided to wait.  I think she is really waiting because she has no idea how three dawgs are going to handle moving around a tree!  I have always been very well behaved around the tree.  Dixie has done well too with the exception of her hyperactive tail that tends to knock ornaments off occasionally.  Now we have Jenna too!  Mommy is fearful for her ornaments and the tree itself.   I personally think Jenna's biggest temptation might be the wrapping paper on all of those presents under the tree.  I wonder if Mommy has thought about that yet?? 

Woof!  Woof!

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