Sunday, November 18, 2012

Can You Ear Me Now?

I love being me, but I so wish I could be more like my sisters sometimes.  I HATE having my ears cleaned and they become dirty pretty frequently.  It doesn't matter what kind of food I eat, or how often I take a bath, my ears are dirty.  After staying at the kennel last weekend, Mommy noticed Jenna was doing the "helicopter" and "slide."  For those of you not in the know, the helicopter is when we shake our heads back and forth making a vibrating noise in an effort to relieve the itchy pain in our ears.  The slide is when we put our heads to the ground, specifically our ears, and push our heads around the floor also in an effort to take away the irritation.  I specialize in the helicopter; Jenna leans more towards the slide.  Dixie doesn't seem to have a preference, or her ears don't really get dirty!   Either way, the presence of the moves will surely lead Mommy toward ear cleaning time.  Yuck!

This is one of the few situations when I wish I was more like the girls.  Dixie went first; she simply sat for Mommy and waited patiently while her ears were cleaned.  She didn't moan or groan.  Just sat there!  Jenna went next.  She wasn't crazy about going into the bathroom to do the deed (perhaps she thought a bath was about to occur), but once she got there, she just sat!  She had a few tiny whimpers, but I think that's just because Mommy was going in for a deep cleaning.  They were both so brave. 

Why can't I be like that?  I can recognize that ear cleaning solution from a mile away.  When I see that bottle come out of the cabinet, I take off in the opposite direction.  It's too bad I'm not small enough to hide under the bed!  When it was my turn, Mommy had to chase me down and grab me by the collar.  I totally ignored all commands to "COME!"  We never made it into the bathroom.  I can only force myself to go in there for baths; the linoleum on the floor scares me!  Once Mommy got a hold of me, I begrudgingly sat and let her clean my ears.  I made lots of moans and groans.  The cleaner she uses is seriously cold when it hits my ears.  I wonder if there is any way to safely heat it up?  I will have to ask Aunt Carol.  My poor little human cousin Sam has had several ear infections lately.  Maybe Aunt Carol knows a trick Mommy doesn't . . .

Did I tell you I HATE having my ears cleaned??  Ugh!

Wax and Cleansers,

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