Saturday, November 3, 2012

A First for Jenna . . . Depending on How You Look at It!

This morning Jenna had a first  . . . or last, depending on how you look at it!  I choose to see it as a miracle for me and Hunter and believe Jenna actually came in last place!

This past summer while Mommy was in the pet store, a lady was giving out free samples of a new dog food.  These samples were dehydrated and required water to be added before the actual eating could take place.  This whole process sounded a bit weird to all of us, but Mommy took the samples to be friendly.  Those samples have been sitting with our dog treats in the laundry room for months.  Mommy has no intention of switching, but she can't waste anything. You have to understand she follows Poppa Hall's lead and squeezes out every last drop of toothpaste from the tube. She stops just short of cutting the tube open (Poppa doesn't stop; he digs right in). Daddy usually begins a new tube while Mommy is still trying to finish off the old one.  But I digress.  Enough bark about Mommy's frugalness.

Mommy decided today was the day to try the samples out.  The directions said to mix 1/3 cup warm water with the food and then wait five minutes.  Right there is the first problem!  Who has a dog that doesn't recognize the food bowl and know food is coming soon . . . not in FIVE minutes?!?!  We were hanging all over Mommy's feet as she proceeded to unload the dishwasher and do a few other chores as we anxiously awaited our food (i.e. Jenna drooled all over the floor). 

After waiting a LONG five minutes, Mommy decided the food didn't look like it was going to be enough to sustain us until dinner tonight.  After all, it was a sample!  She added a tiny bit of our food to the mix.  She noticed mine was a bit drier than Hunter's, so she added a few more drops of water and stirred it again.  Jenna's was still not that solid, but Mommy didn't think Jenna could stand it any longer.  I feel I must remind you that Jenna's bowl has dividers in it to slow her down when she eats.  Mommy bought the bowl for Hunter since he eats pretty quickly, but apparently you can't teach an old dog new tricks when it comes to his food bowl.  Mommy gave it to Jenna when we added her to the family and it's a good thing.  The girl is a canine vacuum!  Despite the dividers, Jenna always finishes first and then comes over to hang around Hunter and me in case we leave a morsel behind.  We don't, but
you have to give the girl credit for being an eternal optimist. 

Here is where the miracle occurred . . . Jenna took the longest to eat her breakfast!!!!!  Hunter finished first, I came in second place, and poor Jenna was still working her little heart out licking every last drop of food from her bowl.  Mommy was amazed.  For a split second, Mommy thought maybe she should consider buying this food just for Jenna.  But that really wouldn't be fair; that would be torture to Jenna.  And I would hate the thought of torturing Jenna.  NOT! 

I hope you have a great weekend.  Too bad we don't have more of those samples . . .

Wags and Kisses,

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