Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sick as a Dawg

My poor sister, Dixie!  She was sick as a dawg this week.  Dixie urinated in her crate Tuesday (several times)!  In an attempt to escape the problem (or cover up the evidence), Dixie turned her entire crate bed over but it didn't really help.  Mommy thought at first that this problem was just because Dixie had not used the potty as many times as she normally does in the morning.  It was a busy morning here that day; Grandma and Poppa were packing up to leave for their home as Mommy was trying to head off to work.  Mommy just figured Dixie had not been able to hold it all day . . .

Mommy was wrong (that doesn't happen often, so don't tell Daddy!).  Dixie went outside to potty that afternoon with the rest of us.  And then she moved and pottied some more.  And then more.  And more.  And more . . . until she was just really going through the motions and nothing else was left!  Mommy knew then that something was wrong.  She called good 'ole Dr. Stoneback and he said he could see Dixie as soon as they arrived.  He was kind enough to stay open a little later just for Dixie. 

Dixie has nicely recovered and is back to hogging the toys!
You won't believe what Mommy let them do to Dixie!  First, Dixie had to go potty and the vet technician threw a bowl under her to try to catch it.  The indignity of that position!  Next, Dixie had to have her temperature taken.  Do you know where they take a dog's temperature?!?!?!?  Now that Dixie has told me, you can bet I will NEVER act sick even if I am on my death bed!  How humiliating!  Dixie said she whined and cried, but that did not stop Mommy and the technician from placing that thermometer in a place the sun doesn't shine!!!  No way!  That is NOT happening to me!

Dixie's pH was fairly out of whack and she had a good deal of blood in her urine, but thankfully the urinalysis showed nothing more than a typical bladder infection.   Dixie is already back to her usual self.  Wonder what causes that?  I hope I can't catch it.  The whole idea makes me a little worried.  My crate is right beside of hers . . . and there is NO WAY that thermometer is going to get close to me!


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