Sunday, October 28, 2012

Anticipation of a Different Kind . . .

How's the weather where you live?  Why do humans always ask this question?  Don't they have something better to talk about?  They could talk about their pets; that would be so much more exciting than the weather. 

We are bracing for our second hurricane in two years!  WOW!  Who would have thought that would ever happen where we live?  Not me!  Hurricane Sandy is going to pack a punch, yet it's only a Category 1 storm.   Mommy told us to cross our paws so that maybe she'll be able to miss a day of school and stay home with us.  She really doesn't expect a lot of damage, but the surrounding areas are prone to flooding even in a regular rain storm.  For now, the forecast is calling for the brunt of the storm to hit Monday night and into Tuesday.  It's still too early to tell how much we should expect from the storm, but we are busy preparing:
  • gallons of water:  check
  • bottled water:  check
  • even more water in the bath tub for flushing:  check
  • deck furniture tied down:  check
  • baby pool finally put away:  check (that one makes me sad)
  • gasoline in the vehicles:  check
  • gasoline for the generator:  check
  • food:  check (I wonder if Mommy has enough dog food too?)
  • books and magazines for Mommy to read:  check
  • new toys for me and my sisters:  check (Thanks, Daddy!)
  • purchase of floaties for the three of us . . . maybe tomorrow!
While Mommy and Daddy were busy preparing this weekend (under my supervision), Dixie and Jenna were having a blast in the great outdoors.  They spent quite a bit of time chasing each other in the yard Saturday.  They also apparently found some sort of trick or treat outside.  I say apparently because you could smell them from a mile away.  I have no idea what they got into, but it was quite a nasty smell!  As a result, Mommy had to give them a bath.  They should be ashamed of themselves; Mommy just gave us all a bath last weekend.  I love baths, but the girls aren't too sure about them.  Maybe that will teach them to stay out of stinky stuff!

I hope you have had a great weekend.  We are only a few days from Halloween!  I'm sure no matter what happens with Hurricane Sandy, the doorbell will be ringing soon.  I've got my bark on (but not my costume yet) and I'm ready!
Woof!  Woof!

PS: Isn't that a cool spider web Mommy captured on the deck recently?  Even the spiders are ready for Halloween!

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