Sunday, October 21, 2012


Are you familiar with Alvin and the Chipmunks?  I'm sure you remember those cartoons (or more recently the movies).  Pretty soon you will begin to hear their Christmas song on the radio.  Alvin and the Chipmunks is EXACTLY what we have at our house.  Mommy was on the deck with all three of us yesterday when Daddy walked by.  He said he could hear Mommy fussing about something, and she sounded just like the father on the show except she was using other names (but not mine, of course).

I would be Simon, the smart one of the bunch.  He rarely gets into trouble (at least not by himself) and tries to lead his siblings along the right path.  That's definitely me!  I just sit back, relax, and watch Dixie and Jenna rush headfirst into all kinds of situations (sometimes literally).

Dixie and Jenna take turns being Theodore and Alvin.  Theodore is the chipmunk of less than average intelligence who blindly follows Alvin's lead.  He goes with the flow and sometimes finds himself in situations that cause him to ask, "How did I get here?"  On any given day, this could be either of my sisters.  On other days, Dixie and Jenna could be Alvin, the master mind of all diabolical plans who finds trouble wherever he turns. 

"DIXIE" is likely to be heard from Mommy's mouth when trying to play fetch, and Dixie refuses to drop the ball.  Dixie desperately wants to play fetch with the tennis balls, but it's a bit hard when you have two tennis balls crammed between your teeth and you won't let go of one long enough for the Chuckit to grab!  Very frustrating for all involved.  You might also hear "DIXIE" when Jenna looks at Dixie the wrong way; Dixie feels as if she has to guard any nearby toy with teeth bared and her little nose wrinkled up in a snarl. 

"JENNA" currently is heard most often when Mommy hears the pitter patter of paws on the bathroom floors.  You already know Jenna has an affinity for eating toilet paper.  This "addiction" isn't diminishing despite my parents' best efforts.  Mommy has tried everything she knows, but most recently has simply had to resort to placing the toilet paper on the back of the toilet.  She used to fuss at Daddy when he just placed the new roll on top of the toilet paper holder instead of actually threading it into place.  She doesn't fuss anymore.  Except at "JENNA!" 

The next time you hear chipmunks mentioned or hear that annoying Christmas song, just think of us and know you won't be hearing . . .

(It's been YEARS since that happened!)

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