Sunday, July 16, 2017

Yummy Treat for Me

Mommy was going through the toy box a few weeks ago and found this toy!  She got a little teary eyed when she did . . . this was one of Hunter's favorite toys as a puppy.  He used to LOVE to eat peanut butter from this toy.  He liked it so much he would bring it and drop it at Mommy's feet to ask for a refill.

I'm enjoying this toy as well.  My toy is filled with cheese and is frozen.  Daddy won't allow me to eat peanut butter (whatever that is).  Dawgs who eat peanut butter before they're a year old could develop an allergy.  That's what happened to Hunter.  He started losing hair on his tail and rear end and Mommy and the vet determined peanut butter was the cause.  Apparently they don't want me to go through that too!  So instead, I eat cheese, the canned spray kind!

I'm not to the point where I beg for more cheese yet, but I am enjoying this toy.  I usually only take notice of food when my big sisters alert me to its presence with their rush to the kitchen.  I'm just going to enjoy this treat whenever I can!


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