Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's a Ruff Life

Getting old is ruff.  At least that's what Hunter tells me.  I am so young and beautiful that I really can't think about growing old just yet.  I can however relate to my poor pitiful Grandma Jane.  She called Mommy last night to say she had just bought a pair of those Lindsey Phillips shoes that allows you to change out the strap for a different look (have you seen those?). She was so excited about the wedge version she had and was planning to go buy Mommy some too at the first available opportunity.  This morning Poppa told Grandma Jane she was going to break her neck in them as she went out the door to work . . . well, she didn't break her neck, but she did break her foot!

She has to wear a boot up to her knee for 6-12 weeks!  I have broken a toe before, so I totally understand what she is going through.  She won't be able to run or play with her friends for a while.  She can't even leave the house for the next four days except to go to the orthopedist.  On the bright side, at least it isn't a snowy December outside and she won't have to wrap up her boot in plastic bags EVERY time she needs to go potty.  At least I don't think she will; hopefully she can go potty without getting it wet?!?!?

I personally think this situation might be Poppa's fault.  It sounds to me as if he put a curse on Grandma Jane.  What do you think?  At least she can say he was wrong; she didn’t break her neck!   Even so, he is going to have to be awfully patient with the patient until she feels a little better and gets the hang of her crutches.  Mommy was exhausted trying to keep up with me throughout my toe ordeal.

Sending Wags and Kisses to Grandma Jane,

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