Saturday, August 5, 2017

Mine, All Mine!

I've loved having Mommy all to myself on our morning walks this summer.  To tell the truth, she admits it's been super easy walking one dawg instead of the usual two . . . what's she going to do when Ruger's old enough to go too?!?!?!?

Recently we've been stopping at the playa lake in the neighborhood to help me cool off since it's been so hot this summer (we peaked at 110!!!!).  After just one dip in the lake, I started leading Mommy there every morning.  She is not a big fan since I usually come out pretty stinky.  Overall we've had a dry summer, but a few weeks ago we had about eight inches of rain in a week.  Where we used to live that amount was nothing, but here that much water causes flooding.  The lake moved way out of its boundaries and caused fish to wash up and then unfortunately die on the shore as the water receded . . . those fish are SO MUCH FUN to roll around in!!!!  Mommy doesn't agree, but what does she know?  Has she ever tried it???

Mommy and I took these pictures one morning after the rain.  Normally this water is a good 15-20 yards on the other side of these trees!

This pump isn't normally in the lake!  

Here's the pump after the water started receding . . .

The past few weeks we've been making TWO stops at the lake.   The first is to help me cool down so I can prepare for the second half of our walk.  I don't go off-leash on this first stop.

The second stop has been to help me cool down and PLAY!!!!  Technically, dawgs aren't supposed to be off-leash at the lake, but we're there pretty early in the morning when others aren't so Mommy's been breaking the rules!  And she's gone prepared to do so . . . she's taken tennis balls with us!

A recent sighting of the Loch Ness Monster . . . 

I've had so much FUN!  These pictures aren't the best.  Mommy doesn't have pockets in her walking clothes, so the phone goes in her, um, well, her jog bra!  When she whips out the phone to take pictures of me, the lens is a little foggy!  Too much information???

I've enjoyed the time I've spent alone with Mommy.   Jenna is ready to join us now . . . sigh . . . but I'm happy for Jenna.  She's ready to RUN!!!  And she's been a MUCH better sport about being cooped up than I would've been!


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