Monday, August 21, 2017

Jeep Hair of the Dawg

While our parents were in New Orleans, we went to stay with a nice family about an hour and a half from our house.  Mommy says we won't normally travel this far for boarding, but I hadn't had all of my shots at that point and we had to be careful who I stayed with.  So I went back to the place where it all started for me.  I went to stay with my canine parents' human parents.  Did you follow all that?  Dixie and Jenna got to go too.  That meant a ride in the Jeep!

On the ride to the kennel, I was a bit restless because this was my first long ride since coming home to live with my parents.  I wanted to see everything!

Yes, we know this isn't the safest form of transportation, but Mommy says she's not fighting seat belts for all three of us.  Dixie once rode with Mommy on a ten hour trip in a seat belt and was miserable the whole time.

The trip back home was EVEN BETTER!  Not only were we excited to see our parents, but Daddy took the tops off the Jeep (he has the hard top on right now) and we could feel the wind whipping through our hair.  Does that comment remind anyone anyone else of those old York Peppermint Patty commercials??  I certainly don't remember them, but Mommy told me to add that in there!

Mommy definitely has the windblown look when she's in the Jeep.  That saying "Jeep hair, don't care" . . . well, I think she really does care, but she sucks it up and soldiers on anyway because she loves Daddy.  This was early on in the trip.  It gets MUCH worse as the trip goes on . . .

I was even more restless on the trip back home.  I couldn't get comfortable until the last thirty minutes.

Dixie likes to sit up almost the entirety of any trip so she can see what's going on outside.  She especially likes to sit right behind Mommy's seat so she can be close to her.

Jenna was fairly restless on this trip too.  She's normally more settled, but I think her recovering leg was bothering her a bit.  Jenna usually likes to sleep the entire trip.

Eventually I settled down with my big sister Jenna . . . I'm not sure if she liked that or not and I'm not asking!

I can't wait until my next road trip!  Hopefully it will be in the Jeep!

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