Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Cleaning

Mommy has been on a cleaning frenzy lately.  She's been cleaning house, PLUS cleaning out.  If Dixie and I aren't careful, we're going to find ourselves in the Goodwill pile.  I'm sure we'd be a great catch for anyone lucky enough to spot us, but I digress.

Recently Mommy took down a wall collage of family photos and replaced it with a new black and white print we've recently purchased.  Mommy LOVES this print although she's not sure it really goes with anything in our house.  Except us, of course.  Either Dixie or I could have posed for this artist.  You and I know it was me since I'm the one they call the Supermodel!

When Mommy took down the other pictures, she had LOTS of holes to spackle and paint over before hanging the new print.  My sister and I are so helpful to have around; we helped with the clean up. We did our best to lick up all the dust from the baseboards as a result of the sanding, and then Dixie even licked the walls!  Way to go, Sister!

I thought I was playing it cool with my clean up duties, but apparently not . . .

Mommy said I need to be more careful with my clean up process.  I already have enough gray hairs to look much older than my sister.  After my task, I looked even OLDER!

I hope your spring cleaning doesn't give you gray hairs!

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