Saturday, March 5, 2016

Guarding Mush

When Mommy makes her lunch in the mornings, Dixie and I sit at her feet in hopes something good will fall our way.  It usually doesn't, but every once in a while we hit the jackpot.  Last week Mommy accidentally dropped a mushroom in Dixie's direction.  Dixie grabbed it up as quickly as she could to prevent me from getting my jaws on it.  Mommy just looked at me and told me to be patient.  She knows Dixie doesn't like mushrooms, and she knows I like EVERYTHING!

At first it appeared Dixie had eaten the mushroom since it was no where to be found.  But I spied it on the floor in front of her a few minutes later when she realized it wasn't a good catch.  I lunged for the mushroom, but Dixie growled at me and scarfed it up again.  Eventually Mommy saw it lying on the floor all mushed up.  She pointed it out to me and of course, I ate it.

Later, Mommy noticed Dixie had wandered away from the lunch making counter and was acting a bit strangely.  Mommy went over to see what Dixie was up to.  Dixie was apparently still on guard duty.  There must have been another dropped mushroom because Dixie had one sitting in front of her along with her ever-present tennis ball.  Mommy decided to leave Dixie alone.  Eventually she would eat it or leave it.  A few minutes later, Dixie rang the bell to go out.  On the floor by the door was the mushroom and the tennis ball.  As Mommy proceeded to open the door for her, Dixie picked up first the mushroom and then the ball!  I didn't go outside with Dixie since potential grab-and-go food was still on the kitchen counter, so I can only wonder where the mushroom went . . . did Dixie eat it or was it dropped for the critters outside?

Inquiring minds want to know . . .

PS: We thought you might be too grossed out to see pics of the mushy mushrooms!

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